Schallkapseln STL-Dateien zum Selberdrucken

Ich habe hier ein paar selbst konstruierte Schallkapseln zum Runterladen und Selberdrucken bereitgestellt. Wenn Interesse besteht, kann ich auch andere Formen erstellen. Dies soll nur mal ein Beispiel sein, wie sie aussehen können.

Neu: Schallkapsel für Sambo 13x18mm Lautsprecher

Schallkapsel für Sambo / Dumbo-Lautsprecher 13x18mm
Schallkapsel für Donau-Lautsprecher 11x15mm
Name / DownloadVorschaubild
Lautsprechertyp Sambo 13x18mm
Lautsprechertyp Sambo 13x18mm

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  1. Hi, I’ve been experimenting with these and the sound is noticeably better than using a standard enclosure. Is it possible for you to modify Variant 3 and Variant 4 to give a curved bottom instead of a flat one and increase the overall height to 8mm?
    This would aid installation of decent sound in ‘N’ gauge locos considerably as the could then be fitted into the roof area.
    Many thanks

  2. Hi Moritz,
    That’s great! A radius of 13mm on the bottom of the enclosure should allow for fitting with the speaker facing downwards.
    Would the print be easier if printed upside down?

    1. Hello Colin,
      yes, I think, to print upside down would be better for printing.

      Which of the examples would You prefer? Schallbox-11x30x10-Variant-3.stl ?


        1. Hi Colin,
          I created two versions, I will show You tomorrow. But I have another question. Do you need the curve along the long side or along the short side?

          Maybe, You can post an image of the loco as an example.


          1. I’m planning to fit these in a number of locomotives Moritz. The shorter one the 11 x 23 version would fit everything I’m looking to do but the 11 x 30 version would fit into some of them.
            I’m using British outline Graham Farish models and have previously removed the circuit board and fitted the insulated speaker face down on the chassis, modifying the chassis to suit. The speakers I have used before have been fitted to basic enclosures. Your enclosures with a reflex chamber are much better.
            I look forward to trying a curved enclosure out in a locomotive.
            Cheers Colin

  3. Hi Moritz,
    That’s great!
    A 13mm radius on the bottom would make it easy to fit the enclosure in a loco roof with the speaker facing downwards.
    Cheers Colin

    1. Hi Colin,
      I understand, so You want to place it upside down. Then I have to redesign. See below my new versions. I thought, they should fit to the motor below 😉

      The design is made to print on the upper side (upside down) to have a clear, plane surface to glue the speaker on top.

      So, for You, I have to make the roof side convex instead of concave.


          1. Thanks,
            I’m looking forward to see your print and how it fits into Your loco.

            If You need other dimensions, no problem, just tell me.

            Cheers Moritz

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